This week we fulfilled a three year old promise. Having missed 2 of his tours for various “not-in-the-right-country” reasons we finally went to see Melendi. We were in a queue for over four hours before the gig, because the seats weren’t numbered and it was basically a free for all when we entered the plaza de toros to get a seat with a good view! Once we were seated we still had to wait for ages for the concert to start, which was especially frustrating because Spain never seems to have support acts… So instead there were a lot of Mexican waves!

When the concert did eventually start it was definitely worth the wait (the three year wait, not the 4 hours) and we ended up in a McDonalds with no voice!

Then on Saturday night it was the Demanà in the Falla, where the presidents and falleras majores were announced and after there was a disco in the street.

This week is just getting ready to go on holiday (to England, thats a weird idea) and we’ve spent most of the week being bitten by mosquitos/tiny flying velociraptors.