Tuesday morning, bright (nearly) and early, and after barely four hours of sleep, I found myself starting a two and a half hour journey to Castellón for the last day of school celebrations as I had promised to my students the last day I worked there. It was lovely to see them all again and they gave me so many hugs that I thought I was going to burst! Also, shout out to the year 1 class who managed to tell me the colours of all the sweets in English and to the Year 5 girls who sang Ed Sheeran with me!

Then on Friday night I saw the traditional San Juan celebrations, which basically consist of writing a wish and a bad thing that has happened to you this year, burning them in a bonfire made on the beach, jumping said bonfire four times, throwing flowers and money into the sea and then jumping seven waves at midnight. When they first told me this I must admit that I thought it was just a joke on the English guy but loads of people were actually doing it! (We only jumped the waves, in the nice warm sea!)

Finally on Saturday we went to Alicante to see the hogueras de San Juan, basically summer fallas (yay!). There were some really big ones, some really colourful ones and a lot of normal little ones, obviously none of them were anywhere near what Valencia offers in March, but thats sort of to be expected. Also when they were burning them at midnight, the crowd started chanting “Agua, agua, agua,” so that the firemen would shower them with water… nutters! It has to be said, sorry Castellón, that it was better than the Magdalena (still don’t understand why nothing is burned in the Magdalena)


Next week we have a concert on Friday (Melendi!) and the Demanà in the Falla on Saturday, before we need to start packing to go to England on the 8th! It’s been a week of making plans, and I also bought tickets to a Deaf Havana concert with my housemate next year (yay!)