Late Tuesday night we arrived at Palma Airport and set about trying to find Laura’s cousin, Mari Carmen, “When you get out of the arrivals area, go upstairs” were the instructions, so we searched for the lift. However, we found out that we were already on floor two and the only other option in the lift was floor 0, so we abandoned the lift, went outside and started searching for the car… When we began to realise that the only things parked on this floor were taxis and buses we went back to the lift certain that we had overlooked a button that would take us upstairs, but we hadn’t, so we pressed 0 and hoped for the best! And the lift started going up… Strange! But we did find Laura’s cousin in the end!


The next day was hot hot hot so we relaxed in the pool before heading to the calas. I’d been told how pretty the calas were but the two that we visited that afternoon couldn’t be described in words, so I’ll let the photos do the talking! I have never seen water so blue and so peaceful, and even though I don’t usually like swimming in the sea, I pretty much threw myself straight in, setting the theme for the rest of the week!


On Thursday we decided to take the bus from the town where we were staying to the coast, to see the famous Coves de Drach. We set off walking to the bus stop in 30º heat and 80% humidity, and waited there for an hour, having been advised by the locals that the bus usually turned up fairly late, before seeing a little notice on the bus stop saying that the bus would only pass through the town if you called the company the day before, #megafail. So we headed back to the village square and found a milkshake bar and settled down in the midday heat to wait for Laura’s cousin to come back from work.

When she got back, we headed to a restaurant where they served traditional Mallorcan food and then decided to go to the Caves. We passed the 40 minute journey playing the MINI game and before we knew it we got there! And my word, they were spectacular, complete with a concert on a lake 29 metres below sea level and a ride on a underground boat!

Then we headed to the capital of the island, Palma, and took a tour of the Llotja, which is really pretty! We even got to go onto the roof which gave us amazing views of the nearby cathedral and sea!


Friday morning, Laura and I woke up super early to catch the train to Palma to order some ensaimadas (basically pastry heaven) to take back to Valencia and then find the old fashioned wooden train to take to Soller. It cost 18€ each, but it was definitely worth it because the hour and a half mountain journey was really cool, even if we were the only Spanish speakers (I almost wrote Spanish people, oops), in our carriage. Its safe to say that by this point I was getting fed up of hearing so much English and definitely fed up of the faux posh accents….

We then cooled off by dipping our toes into the sea in the cala in Soller and headed back to Mari Carmen’s house.

Then in the evening we did a tour of the cathedral in Palma, where the guide took us up onto the rooftops! 63,5 metres up in the air we had some amazing views of the city!


Saturday morning we spent in a botanical garden which had ginormous cactuses (cacti?) which Serra , Mari Carmen’s boyfriend and all round good guy, especially loved (he has about 50 cactuses in his garden!) It was really pretty but so so hot! Temperatures reached 40º and it was incredibly humid so we headed to another cala and threw ourselves into the water before playing three-language-I-spy while drying off, which was a good laugh!


Sunday morning we went to Artà, a small town with a castle, to do a bit of exploring before heading to, you guessed it, yet another cala! This one was really pretty too and I found some crabs so I tried to take photos but they kept running away from me! The water was so warm and we spent about an hour swimming around before drying off and heading back, to throw ourselves into the pool in the garden!


Monday was our last day in Mallorca, and also Serra’s birthday. In the morning, Serra, Laura and I went to a cala hidden away in the mountain only accessible by a switchback road that took you from the clouds down to sea level. When we got there, Serra asked me the fateful question “¿Quieres aprender a bucear?” (do you want to learn to snorkel) to which I hesitantly agreed, knowing my capacity to pretty much drown myself in the sea every time I so much as look at it! But now I’m basically addicted, especially after seeing squid (which even Serra said he hadn’t seen before) and loads of fish!

Then Mari Carmen and her friend joined us and we went to Valledemossa to eat and explore a little bit before heading to one last cala, where I snorkelled a bit more and even saw a red jellyfish! Serra said there were loads more but I didn’t see them, at least they didn’t sting me!

So there we have it, six days in Mallorca and I managed to avoid Magaluf all week, despite numerous lighthearted threats from Serra to take me there!

Moltissimes Gràcies Mari Carmen i Serra!