So, this week was my birthday (big giveaway in the title). This was the first birthday I had ever had completely away from home but my family sent me presents and called me so it didn’t feel like I was over 1.000km away. My wonderful girlfriend also prepared me a birthday video uniting a lot of my friends scattered around the world currently, which was amazing.

I did have to work that day, so it wasn’t all fun and games, although I am starting to enter the last classes, meaning we did some presentations about English culture, more precisely about famous English people. The people included Shakespeare, the Queen, Henry VIII (and his wives, of course), David Beckham, David Attenborough (to my surprise various people actually recognised him!), Sherlock Holmes and Harry Potter and it was definitely a success! And at the end of the Yr 5 class I got mobbed by the 19 students in the class because Estefanía had secretly told them it was my birthday!

Then on Saturday I got surprised by Laura and her family as they had invited several friends of mine to their house for a surprise birthday party! I had an amazing day, which I will never forget! Thank you to everyone who came and helped organised!

Then afterwards, we went to the centre of Cullera to see a representation of the arrival of the pirate Dragut which was fun too!

And now I’m into the last two days of my “official” year abroad, meaning that I only have two working days left in Spain.