Another week has flown by and it’s now really dawning on me that my last official day on my Year Abroad is just around the corner. So to console myself, on Tuesday morning Pablo and I went to Mestalla to buy our tickets for the last match of the season against Villareal, the closest we have to a derby this year!

Then it was straight to the station to meet up with Jess and George for a day ambling through the city, although ambling is not really the right word as we walked almost 23km in 8 hours. After, Laura and I went to the cinema to watch “The Circle” which was pretty rubbish but at least the tickets were only 2,90€ thanks to Spain’s amazing “viewer’s days”.

Wednesday and Thursday was spent, as always, in the school, where we did a super-fun activity with Year 1, where they had to spell the unit’s words using plasticine. And obviously it looked like so much fun that the girl doing work experience and I had to join in!

We also continued with the classes for the teachers, which this week included making the classroom into a high-street where the teachers had to complete shopping tasks (this has been an activity that I’ve wanted to try out all year, but I’ve never had the right class to do it with), and then on Thursday we played the trusty “your airplane has crashed, choose 8 of these items to take with you as you try to reach the nearest town” game (thanks French-speaking tutors for this game!)

Then on the weekend we just relaxed and prepared for this week, I made two presentations for my last week in class, one about famous English people and the other about landmarks in London, both complete with special effects that will almost certainly not work on the schools computers, sigh. I also decided to make a mural for the class with all of the famous London landmarks on it, stupid me… it’s definitely a good job that I’ve started to make it two weeks before I’m going to need it…!

Then on Sunday we came back to Valencia to see the procession of the Mare de Deu dels Desamparats, which saw the falleras, the original Senyera and finally the Patron of the City pass by to shouts of Visca! (Viva!)

And the last note is that we organised a trip to Andalucia in August (brave us), including Sevilla, Granada y Gibraltar (to see the monkeys!)