The last week of term has flown by and, despite the rain’s best attempts, the sun has shone through for most of the week and made it hard to believe that it’s now only three days until christmas. On Tuesday I was pretty much sunbathing in the centre while I was Christmas shopping! The rain’s “best attempts”, however, were espectacular, causing flash floods and lasting for more or less two days straight. The beach promenade near my flat flooded and many schools didn’t open! img-20161219-wa0001

The rain in Spain… It doesn’t just fall on the plane. And when it rains here, even though it is quite rare, certainly by English standards, it does it properly…


Exhibit A in the “is that meant to be a Christmas tree” competition


I told you it was sunny!


The estació del nord.

I moaned last week about the awful Christmas trees here, and good news reached me this week that my family had gone and bought ours! Christmas trees here don’t really seem to be a big thing, many people don’t even bother to put one up at home and I am yet to see a real one. The worse one that I have seen so far has to be this one…


I mean really… Some scaffolding covered in lights..???

Tuesday saw me take a massive risk when I decided to get my hair cut… However, somehow by talking to the  barber in Spanish, French, English and Italian (In order of quantity) I managed to end up with shorter hair, but thankfully I’m still not bald!

Arriving at the school Wednesday it was so obvious that the kids were (abnormally) excited. It turns out that they were expecting the visit of the paje. No, I had no idea either… Apparently the Paje is the Wise Man’s helper (the Epiphany being more important than Christmas here). The Paje basically does what the Santa’s in the shopping centres in England do, so that day was spent preparing his “treasure chest” and constantly trying as hard as possible to not use the word “Paje” in case I made a mistake and ended up saying “paja” which is something else that is entirely inappropriate.

Wednesday night was a night I had been waiting for for a long time as I had one of the best seats in the house for the València vs Leganes match in the Copa del Rey. AND VALENCIA ACTUALLY WON (Just…), which has happened only 4 times this season. However, I’m not sure what I enjoyed most… watching the match or joining in the abuse towards the players, the directors, the owner or the opposition and feeling like a true Valencian! Gracias a Pablo por haberme acompañado! Si, Soler es un díos del fútbol! Peter fuori! 

Today was my last day of school for this term, and (apart from the fight and the anger fit), it was probably one of the best! I am now thoroughly fed up of singing both All I want for Christmas is you and Rudolph however! I was taught two new games, Avionetas which is like a paper version of Battleships, and Colpbol  which is like a mix of football and netball. The year six class like me a bit more now after I scored the equaliser and set up the winning goal for our team! And on top of that, I received a Christmas card from one of them and when I went to the cupboard where I leave my rucksack, I found a little bag of chocolates left there by a mystery teacher who is going around leaving us sweet things which made my day! Also, winning 100€ on the Spanish Christmas lottery didn’t hurt!


And now here I am, suitcase packed, all ready for tomorrow when I, along with my fellow Valencian-Sotonners, are flying home for Christmas (various different strikes permitting). I can’t wait to see my family again and be woken up at 4am by my cat being an idiot!

Feliz Navidad, Bon Nadal, Happy Christmas!