Yes, that really was the best title I could come up with, but in all fairness, this week has been a very good week!

Things that have happened:

  • I explored
  • I got paid
  • I coloured
  • I bought concert tickets
  • I got a job interview

First things first, lets start with Tuesday, and a long overdue visit to the Jardín del Turia. Although actually my detour through the Jardín de Viveros was actually nicer! The first is a park, built into the old riverbed (the river Turia has been diverted due to many flooding issues, and a 6km long park from the zoo to the Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències was created. The second is an old orange tree farm now turned into a beautiful (and still very sunny, despite it being November) park. It was amazing how peaceful it was, even though they are in the heart of Spain’s third city.

Another highlight of my exploration were the three middle-aged English men on their bikes who approached me and asked “where…. art…. museum”, their faces when I answered them in English deserved a photo but I thought that they might find that a little bit stalker-ey…. Also, the Museo de las Bellas Artes was literally right behind them, stupid guiris!

Then it was back to school on Wednesday and Thursday, which, after a unplanned week off due to that lovely virus I caught, was a massive shock to the system! At least next week the train timetable is changing (again!) and I won’t have to imitate an Olympic speed walker to catch the train home… We also decided to do a sort of theatre, obviously we will be doing the acting, not the kids, that would definitely be a step too far for them and would probably lead to Armageddon! We have chosen to read a popular English book to them, acting it out with puppets. I bet you can’t guess which book we’ve chosen from the pictures below. Also, I’m super proud of my new found colouring skills, they may have taken me 6 hours to colour but by George it was worth it!

Thursday evening, and I receive a call from a Spanish mobile number. I pick up and hear the voice on the other end speaking English. Turns out that from a advert that I put on a tutoring website, a language academy has decided to give me an interview for me to work there a few days in the week. Even if I don’t pass the interview, at least it will be really good practice to do one in Spanish!!!

Friday dawned and with it came the nice surprise of having finally been paid! It’s taken a while but with bills just around the corner thank goodness it’s finally come! Although I did spend a bit of it almost immediately, as per the last bullet point in my list. Finally, after two and a half years of waiting, Melendi and I will be in València at the same time! For anyone who doesn’t know who Melendi is, and I’m guessing that’s probably most of you, he is one of the most popular pop artists in Spain and a judge on La Voz. Excited is an understatement! We also bought tickets for Medusa festival, which takes place in Laura’s town in August, so I now have loads of things to look forward to even after my Year Abroad officially ends!

Next week hopefully I will be able to say that I am finally venturing a little further afield than València and the one street in Castelló that I have seen so  far, as now that I have been paid I want to go and explore the rest of Spain! My shortlist so far includes…

  • Sevilla
  • Palma de Mallorca
  • Bilbao
  • Cordoba
  • Cuenca
  • Gibraltar (Yes, I know that’s technically not Spain, but it probably will be soon!)

So as you can see, this week’s title is definitely a very apt one. It doesn’t all have to be doom and gloom.

Days until Fallas: 124

Days until Melendi: 231