Almost another week has passed since my last blogpost so I guess that means that I should probably update this blog, mainly so my parents remember that I am still alive!

It’s been another week of sun, tram rides and Spanish TV and my last week of freedom before I start my British Council work placement next week! I am quite excited for that, even though I’m dreading the 5.30 am alarm clocks and the 7.00am train (/bus- depending on the railworks) journeys but if thats the price that I have to pay to be able to spend a year living in València with Laura then I am not complaining! Even less so because, having visited Castellón last week, I have seen how different it is to València’s often touristy yet beautiful and quirky layout and architecture. Oh, and I saw a London Red Bus parked outside the University… Calling at Chelsea, Piccadilly and Highbury, although I think this journey would be way easier by plane!

I didn’t dream it!

The week started well! A weekend at “home” with Laura’s family, relaxing and EATING FIDEUÀ! If you don’t know what fideuà is… it is the single greatest food in the world! THANK YOU ROSER! (Laura’s mum) It’s a type of noodle dish, made with short, thick noodles called fideos and cooked in a paella dish with loads of seafood. I’ve always hated eating anything thats come from the sea, with the exception of chinese seaweed, because we all know that its really cabbage, but Roser cooks it so well that it is genuinely my favourite food EVER!

It’s not the one that Roser cooked, because i stupidly didn’t take a photo. So I googled this one so that you have an idea of what it looks like!

Monday meant getting up early for a conference in València at which the president of the Comunitat Valenciana would be speaking. On arriving we were asked if we would be staying for lunch and when we said yes… THEY GAVE US AN ENVELOPE WITH 10€ INSIDE! That was not expected. We entered the conference room and I was immediately transported back to Lecture Theatre B in Avenue Campus. Feeling at home I settled down to start listening to the presidente. And he immediately started to talk about how Brexit would impact the Spanish and in particular Valencian economy. As the Spanish say… ¡Trágame tierra! I shrunk lower and lower in my seat hoping that nobody had worked out I was English!

It’s been another long week without internet but we are FINALLY getting wifi in the flat, meaning that I don’t have to hop onto a tram to steal Eduroam wifi from the Universitat de València every time I need to upload a form to blackboard! Which leads me to another thing thats been annoying me… DO THESE FORMS EVER END??? I can’t even remember a week where I haven’t had to do some sort of Year Abroad admin related task, which is obviously made doubly difficult by the fact that the school I’m going to be working in is 1h15m away by train… Thank God that the English teacher lives in the Benimaclet district of València…

Another thing that struck me last night while watching Pesadilla en la Cocina (honestly, some of these restaurant owners can’t be for real!) is that if you want to watch any of the “good” Spanish programmes, or at least the non-repeats – I’m looking at you Gym Tony and La que se avecina – means going to bed at almost 2am, which has lead to Laura and I devising our own ways of deciding when the programme is over for us! For example, the best way to decide when to go to bed during La Voz is when someone rejects Alejandro Sanz, Melendi and Malú and strangely decides to join Manuel Carrasco’s team! This usually seems to happen around 1am in a programme that starts around 10pm…

Spanish TV is pretty unique in its ability to run repeats almost all day, meaning that I have had to mercilessly abuse the nearby Universitat de València’s Eduroam via the Soton VPN (not sure if this counts as improper usage) to download BBC iPlayer programmes like Mock the Week and Would I Lie to You.

Part of the Universitat de València. The Campus dels Tarongers (The Orange Tree Campus-  Highlighting another of the things for which València is famous!)

BIG NEWS ON THE YARP FRONT. (If anyone reading this isn’t from Soton Uni, YARP stands for Year Abroad Research Project AKA WHYTHEHELLDOIHAVETODOTHIS?!?!)
I borrowed Laura’s account to take a book out of the library to start researching.

I know that this has been a weird mishmash of ramblings, so if you’ve made it this far… moltes gràcies! Fins prompte! (Thank you! See you soon!)